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Time Saving Tips for Recording

There are some simple steps you can take before recording to save time and money in the studio.

First of all, find the right tempo/BPM (beats per minute) for your song. I am assuming you are going to be recording to a metrnonome which is highly recommended. There is nothing more time consuming than having to rerecord a song, or have the artist tell you the song is too fast or too slow. I have found that the best way to find the right tempo is to have the singer make sure the phrasing fits the tempo.

Second, make sure your instruments are in good working order. For drummers that aren't using our house kit, I highly recommend changing your heads and tuning them before you get to the studio. Seems pretty obvious but I've sat through many sessions where the drummer brings the heads with him to the studio.

Bassists and guitarists, get your guitars intonated. Its a real pain when you have the perfect guitar tone and the guitar sounds great in open position but then you start playing chords up the neck and its out of tune. Lucky for me, my good friend Sean "Birdman" Gould leaves his vintage collection of awesome guitars under my watchful eye.

If you are here in South Florida then go see my main man Mitchell Weissman for any love needed to your guitars. He sets your guitar up while you wait and his prices are very fair.

He also does custom work. (954)742-4984

Guitarists make sure you bring new batteries for your effects pedals when you go to a recording session and that all your cables are working properly without buzzing.

These points might seem obvious but I have found that they make for a much smoother recording session.

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