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Pop Punk, Pop Rock

American Mind - Fast, 140bpm, Rock

Determined Pop Punk track with gritty electric guitar, irreverent female lead vocals and driving drum kit.
Moods: Angry, Brawny, Bold, Determined, Rebellious, Heavy, Driving, Gritty

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Acoustic Folk

Babe of Mine - Medium slow, 71bpm, Folk

Description: Gentle and touching, featuring gentle mandolin, female lead vocals and bagpipes that create a thoughtful, comforting mood.
Moods: Reflective, Tender, Heartwarming, Loving, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Light, Breezy,
Styles: Life Emotion, Tender Moments, Earthy, Organic, Family, Sunshine

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Indie Rock, Classic Rock

Badmouth 40 - Medium Slow, 71 bpm, Rock

Daring female lead vocals and heavy electric guitar play together in a gritty, bold Classic Rock track.
Moods: Passionate, Confident, Bold, Soaring, Proud, Feel-good, Heavy, Gritty
Styles: Road Trip, Sunshine, Swagger, Life, Struggle

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Farrah Lisa - Medium Fast, 110bpm, Jazz, Instrumental

Free-spirited and easy in the style of smooth jazz featuring electric guitar and keyboards to creates a pensive and comforting mood.
Moods: Reflective, Comforting, Heartfelt, Tender, Feel-good, Light, Breezy, Dreams, Romance, Sophistication, Sunshine, Beauty, Exotic, Luxury

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Indie Rock

Forget Me Not - Medium, 84bpm, Rock

Heavy and longing, featuring edgy electric guitar and female lead vocals to create a hopeful, profound mood. Moods: Life Emotion, Love, Heartache, Relationship Struggle, Pleading

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Blues Rock, Country Rock, Southern Rock

Full Time Habit - Medium, 94bpm, Country

Radiant and airy in the style of country rock featuring male lead vocals and electric guitar to creates a positive and emotional mood.
Moods: Loving, Passionate, Positive, Feel-good, Proud, Confident, Bright, Breezy
Styles: Good Times, Romance, Love, Earthy, Heartland

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Singer Songwriter, Indie Pop

Good Life - Slow, 60bpm, Pop

Calm and touching, featuring gentle male lead vocals and piano that create a warm, sentimental mood. Heartfelt, Optimistic, Reflective, Warm, Gentle
Life Emotion, Tender Moments, Good Times, Earthy, Sunshine, Life, Reminiscence, Memories

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Grains of Sand - Medium Slow, 74bpm, R&B

Groovy and warm, featuring slick male lead vocals, piano and electric bass that create a relaxed, romantic mood.
Moods: Soulful, Relaxed, Mellow, Comforting, Heartfelt, Loving, Romantic, Passionate, Groovy, Warm
Styles: Good Times, Romance, Love, Vintage, Attraction

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Blues Rock, Classic Rock

Honey - Medium Slow, 77bpm, Blues

Warm and moving, featuring groovy electric guitar and male lead vocals to create a laidback, longing mood.
Moods: Reflective, Bittersweet, Yearning, Expressive, Warm, Life Emotion, Hopes, Struggle, Heartache, Relationship Struggle

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Classic Rock, Blues Rock

Is It Over - Medium Fast, 119bpm, Rock

Courageous Classic Rock track with brave electric bass, powerful drum kit, driving electric guitar and male lead vocals.
Moods: Brawny, Confident, Bold, Determined, Proud, Heavy, Driving, Edgy
Styles: Strut, Road Trip, Masculine, Relationship Struggle, It's over

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Indie Rock

Jennifer Mudd - Medium Fast, 117bpm, Rock

Thoughtful Indie Rock track with warm piano and passionate male lead vocals, sunshine style. A sweet, moving experience.
Moods: Passionate, Reflective, Expressive, Sentimental, Breezy, Warm
Styles: Love, Romance, Hopes, Inspiration, Sunshine, Desire
Horns, Male Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Electric Guitar, Drum Kit, Piano

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Singer Songwriter, Country Folk

Just Another Day - Medium Slow, 65bpm, Country

Breezy Singer Songwriter track, featuring profound male lead vocals, pedal steel guitar, cello and sentimental acoustic guitar creating an introspective mood.
Moods: Expressive, Introspective, Loving, Reflective, Tender, Heartfelt, Sentimental, Passionate, Bright
Styles: Earthy, Life Emotion, Life, Sunset, Home, Struggle, Lost Love, Heartache

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